Slab Leak Repair in Temecula

When it comes to construction and plumbing, there are many problems that you can put off, but not when it comes to slab leaks.

That probably means the pipes that run beneath the concrete foundation of your house have been broken or damaged. When the pipe breaks, water seeps into the ground and your home's foundation. Slab leaks can occur in either water or sewer lines. When anything gets damaged by water, you can figure that it’s going to turn out to be pretty costly in damages and potentially time. This is why it's very important to nip your slab leaks in the bud before they exacerbate.

Often when there is dampness, there’s mold as well. Slab leaks need professionals to come out and detect the problem, assuring you, hopefully, that there hasn’t been too much damage.

So why do you get slab leaks in the first place?

Maybe there was poor installation and construction of the pipes done

There is corrosion, especially with the older copper and galvanized piping

Soil movement pressure is known to cause leaking as well as vibrations

There might be high levels of sulfide or chlorine in the soil which can cause corrosion

There is contact with rocks

What are the signs to look out for that there is leaking?

  • First of all, you will notice the flooring is damp, and water might even be present.

  • Sometimes you might feel patches of warmth on your floor as well.

  • If you lift the carpets you might notice cracks in the foundations, and worse, mold.

  • Sometimes you might even notice the sound of running water and yet there are no taps turned on.

  • Maybe you notice that the toilet is flushing slowly or when you shower, the pressure is low.

  • Have you checked your water bill lately? It might be higher than usual and this could also be a reason.

If you have noticed the above, it is good enough to know you need to get in the experts, people like us, Temecula Plumbing Pros. We don’t delay; we will be there to detect the problem through our thorough inspection and give you peace of mind about our plan of action to deal with whatever damage has been caused.

The pros will figure it out at the source

You have water pipes underneath sinks and baths and laundry rooms, restrooms, etc. So your first bet is that the leak will be near any of the sewer pipes. Any pipes that have entry to your home have the potential to break or leak and if you are a homeowner, you need to check that your basement is OK, if you have one. This is because water always collects in the lowest areas. If pipes were never installed properly, they can even burst. If there was a shift in the ground, say from earthquakes, for instance, breaks could occur, easily.

But you don’t have to worry about the problem looming in front of you; out of control and beyond what you can comprehend. This is exactly what we at Temecula Plumbing Pros do – our expertise is to set you up with skilled contractors.

We send professionals who come out to your location to help you out immediately. Even though there might be a variety of solutions that will exist when dealing with slab leaking, like re-piping or rerouting, we will know the best way to deal with it at the best prices for you, our clients. Costs will vary, depending on the services, the severity of the leakage, as well as the best methods to address the problems.

Bottom line is this, handle the slab leaks before they deteriorate, because something minor can become major if you just let it go. That’s why you need to find the guys you can trust; so that you don’t end up forking out more to repair what the wrong guys did. Choose carefully because when it comes to slab leakage, every minute counts.