Gas Leak Detection Temecula

Fix gas leak issues today!

What to do when you have a gas leak

There are a couple of things to check out so that you can prevent gas leaks in the future which will give you an idea as to when to replace or repair.

  • You might have noticed your gas bill has got a whole lot more expensive

  • There is a horrible smell of rotting eggs or sulfur around the place

  • You and your family are experiencing headaches

  • Your breathing is more difficult or irregular

  • Maybe you’ve noticed dead vegetation lying around, caused by the damaged gas line leaking onto the surface and affecting the vegetation.

  • Normal wear and tear

Often natural gas doesn’t have any smell, so gas providers add the sulfur smell so that people can detect if the gas line is leaking. If you do smell this around the house, the first thing to do is to shut the gas off at the meter and ensure that the family gets outside the house because gas is very flammable and can easily cause an explosion. Make sure your pets are outside too. Sometimes, if you listen carefully, you can hear a kind of hissing sound – that might give you a clue as to how close you are to the leak.

Other things not to do:

  • Don’t turn-on any electronic devices in the house that could create sparks

  • Don’t start your car if it is near the house

  • Don’t use open flames or lighters

  • Don’t use any electronic devices that are hooked up to switches and outlets, like lights and appliances

Once all the family and pets are outside and safe, you need to know exactly who to call in such a situation. Not just anybody you quickly look up on Google. No, you need professionals for this type of problem. If you know what’s good for you, you will have the name of Temecula Plumbing Pros stuck on your refrigerator door for peace of mind in times like this. These experts will come out as in immediately and inspect your gas line for you, solving your problem before it becomes a total disaster.

Some people will say, why a plumber? What’s a plumber got to do with gas line problems? But that is their forte actually, the good plumbers anyway. They have the knowledge to locate the gas leak at its source, as well as to determine if there are any additional locations where there are leaks. The latest technology techniques are used to give you quick results in quick time at excellent prices. It is strongly advised, though, that you as the homeowner do not try and repair the gas leak yourself because you are literally playing with fire in this instance.

We at Temecula Plumbing Pros will do this for you:

  • Gas leak testing: We will perform a gas test on the whole system. If the testing and inspections prove that the pipes are in poor condition it might be necessary to replace them.

  • Gas leak detection: We will use all our professional methods to locate the gas leak and once it is detected, we will decide on the best option for the repair, and discuss it with you upfront, including the price, before starting to work.

  • Gas leak repair: Once located and approval has been established from you, our customer, the gas leak will be repaired by us. Temecula plumbing pros will put your safety first, taking out the required permits so that everything is to the right codes, etc.

Finally, when the gas line has been repaired, a gas pressure test will verify that all leaks are repaired.

Follow good advice from the pros that won’t go down the drain

Don’t ignore good advice when it comes to gas line pipes maintenance. Let us advice you on whether you should opt for PE pipes (polyethylene pipes) or CSST pipes (corrugated stainless-steel piping). Both last long and are cheaper to install than the plain coated black iron pipes. Also, know the location of your main gas shut off valve so you can have them checked out annually. Let us, your trusted plumbing pros, keep all your pipes together. You won’t be sorry.